Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Convenience is all that matters

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Copyright Rita Woodburne

Welcome back, dear reader! Today I was going to do a serious post on the nature of artistic growth and instead I need to opt for some silliness.
As regular readers may know, I avidly listen to my local radio station, not just to stay abreast of current Quinte region and country events, but also to listen to a good mix of contemporary and oldies music.

Then there’s the local morning show.

Much like other morning shows the hosts are upbeat and there are lots of contests, humorous banter and the like. One of these contests is called Impossible Trivia, which I have also mentioned here on my blog. The questions and their subsequent answers range from not-so-impossible to you-can’t-be-serious kind of impossible. Every once and awhile I hear one that conjures up the most amusing visuals in my mind that I can’t help but share in the hopes of brightening someone’s day. Today’s Impossible Trivia question was this:

“What do 60% of parents say would make their lives easier if this was a drive-through?”

The answer was not a convenience store, a toy store, dry-cleaning facility, book store, shoe store, sports equipment store or any of the other suggestions made by the folks who were thinking along the basic shopping lines. The answer to this pressing questions was:

A daycare. Yup, you read that right, a daycare.

I can only imagine parents driving up to a window, screaming and weeping children being bundled up and shoved through a small sliding window to a cheery person on the other side asking if you’d “ Tylenol with that or would you like to Super Size your child’s stay with us and get an additional 2-3 hours of peace and quiet?”
What really made me chuckle was when they asked the fellow who got the answer right if that would make his life easier, he responded by saying: “I don’t know, do we have to slow down as we get to the window?”

They never did answer...


Jennifer Rose said...

LOL at the guys response :D

Rita said...

Yeah, my parents used to say that when they had to drive my brother or myself to a friends house.
"We'll just slow down to 20 (km) and you open the door and roll out, okay?" :D