Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Silly n' Hot

"White Wind" ACEO can be bid on here.
Copyright Rita Woodburne

It’s been disgustingly hot here lately, I’m going nutty from getting ready for more art fairs and as a result of the aforementioned two factors, am feeling silly. So, without further ado I present some more Revelations From the Drawing Board:

- Is the irony of finding a “Dead End” sign at the entrance to a cemetery really lost on anyone?

- I feel that ‘inquisitive’ is just a polite word for ‘nosy’.

- Murphy’s Law dictates that when someone calls to talk to you and you happen to be busy they will engage you in a rivetting and long-winded conversation that involves them explaining how their goldfish grew to a monstrous size when they put it in a big pond. (this actually happened to me)

- There’s a reason that tent manufacturers supply you with pegs for anchoring your tent to the ground, and you must use all of them... trust me, it’s not just so you stub your toe in the middle of the night when you get up to go to the bathroom.

- What the heck is the phrase “fit as a fiddle” supposed to mean?

- While on a road trip, that large cup of coffee you drank will “hit you” just as soon as you pass the sign that says: ‘Next Service Centre in 75 miles’.

The weather is supposed to cool off later today and I’m hoping to regain small portions of my sanity here and there. Tomorrow or Friday I’ll be posting about the fun and frivolity that is gardening and, because of the unavoidable surplus of zucchini that plagues gardeners I may share a recipe for zucchini chocolate cake that I came upon many years ago. It uses a fair bit of zucchini and is tasty like nobody’s business. Cake made with vegetables, does it get much better than that?


Lisa B. said...

Veggie cake? Who'd a thunk it? Mom's everywhere would be eternally grateful.

I mix yellow summer squash with zucchini to make a "pretty" side dish. Lately I've been wondering if it could be dried, and woven into baskets.

Meg said...

Zucchini chocolate cake? Awesome!

And great job on the horse - I love the action in this one.

Jennifer Rose said...

I have actually had various baked goods made out of zucchini. They were surprisingly very good.

I've had tents blow away even when we used all of the pegs. The pegs were left in the ground, and the tent was in a tree. lol

Rita said...

Lisa- I think this summer squash basket idea is well worth a try. Even if it doesn't work out you can compost it, right?

Meg- What better way to get your veggies than in a cake?
Thanks for the compliments on the horse, his mane was just so wild, I knew I had to draw him.

Jennifer- Airborn tent, that made me laugh out loud! The worst that I've had happen is the tent folded in half from the wind...while we were in it. It was pretty exciting!