Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Shake It Off

See? I knew I wouldn’t be able to help myself, I just had to post something. The sketch below was done in a fit of about 10 minutes (plus about 5 minutes of throwing on colour for fun) after having spent about 4 hours straight working on meticulous painting touch-ups to my studio sign. I needed to scribble.

Copyright Rita Woodburne
(if you steal this picture you're nuttier than I was when I drew it)

So before I really sign off for the rest of the week I have a few more 'Revelations From the Drawing Board' that I’d like to share:

- you will run out of propane the night that you invite friends and their hungry children over for a BBQ (and you'll probably run out of “propane accessories” as well, a la King of the Hill).

- using a coloured pencil in a colour such as Raspberry Red for a back scratcher is not a good idea, especially when wearing light coloured clothing.

- the guys from ZZ Top aren’t very fussy about the women they’d date. Listen to the songs “She’s Got Legs” or “Tush”, all they basically want is a woman with a hiney that is capable of being mobile while upright.

- taking any type of allergy medication (or any medication for that matter) that lists both “sleepiness” and “agitation” as side effects is a bad idea.

Finally, with the planning of my upcoming Open Studio and all the wonderful excitement and stress that comes with it:

- no matter how much you plan and prepare and come up with an effective Plan A, B, C and D, when things don’t go as planned just shake it off and keep on truckin’.


mrana said...

Done in 15 minutes? Wonderful! It has such a great energy to it. And the Open Studio sounds like fun, hope you have a great time!

Rita said...

Thanks again mrana (I'm really sorry I don't know your "real" name)!

Yup, 15 minutes. Sometimes those "I've got to get it out of my system" doodles are the most satisfying. :D

Lisa B. said...

I've never been to an artist's open house. I want to know everything! Get pictures? Photos are faster but sketches are more interesting. ;)

Plan E: Play it by ear & just smile a lot.

Have a really great weekend!

Rita said...

Thanks Lisa!

I'm hoping to take pictures (and maybe do some sketches) if I can stop myself from walking around in a daze with a goofy grin on my face and muttering to myself "I can't believe this is really happening." :D

Jennifer Rose said...

Very nice quick sketch. Good luck with your open studio!

Could always have a bonfire when you run out of propane? I used to love cooking over a fire outside, and kids love roasted marshmellows. :) Even though half the fun with a BBQ is using those giant forks to cook with (why are they sooo big?? :P)

Rita said...

LOL, thanks Jennifer!
Yeah, why are those forks so big??

I love cooking hot dogs over a campfire. It sounds disgusting (to some) but cook a hot dog over the fire, get a slice of processed cheese, put it on bread (white or whole wheat, dealer's choice) and put the cooked hot dog on it and chow down...YUM!!