Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Just Being Myself

"Mop Top" ACEO can be bid on here.
Copyright Rita Woodburne

Only 1 day left in the auction that gives you a chance to yell orders at me
like a military Drill Sargeant as I create an ACEO just for you.

"Sushi's Inquisition" ACEO- SOLD- Copyright Rita Woodburne

So today I was going to start another ACEO WIP and then I remembered...I have my Open Studio next week-end! Do you think I’m prepared? Well, of course not, that would be ridiculously out of character for me.
With that in mind I spent much of today getting information sheets prepared and printing up more flyers to foist upon unsuspecting passers-by. I also had phone calls to make to the other two artists I’ll be having at the Open Studio with me and to let them know that they’ll have to duel to the death to pick out their spots in the studio to set up their works...or they could arm wrestle because I think that’s always fun to watch as well.

I have to admit that despite something like this being completely nerve-wracking to organize it’s also very fun and the build up of anticipation is exciting as well. It’s also forcing me to go out there and talk to people, and for an introverted artist such as myself that’s akin to making someone that’s lactose intolerant drink and entire 2 litre carton of milk in one sitting...or at least it induces the same feeling of indigestion. At any rate, what all of this babble boils down to is that today’s post is short.

See? It’s done already.


Sandy said...

What a beautiful horse. I just posted some on my site...Gosh you did a beautiful job!!! sandy

Sandy said...

Oh and the CAT.....exquisite..

Jennifer Rose said...

Love the soft fur on the cat. :)
Good luck with the Open Studio.

Rita said...

Sandy and Jennifer- Thanks for the compliments! It's hard to go wrong with horses and cats, especially when the light hits them just right...just awesome for art!

I still have one week left until the Open Studio, but I like to get a head start on panicking and imagining the worst possible scenario. :D