Friday, June 08, 2007

I feel...thirsty.

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Yesterday the Other Half and I were trying to clean up the outside of the house in preparation for the Open Studio next week end. This meant that he had to put away, or strategically hide, many of his “Guy Toys” as I call them. Said toys include a chainsaw, table saw, battery for an ATV, tool chest and power washer just to name a few. These toys, much like any toys, usually have “some assembly required” or have various accessories, attachments and additives. In this case one of the additives was motor oil.
Now I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to these types of things I don’t even pretend to know a where motor oil goes, much less in what quantity it should be given. Heck, I don’t even know if there’s a proper way to store the stuff. However, as with any product that goes in machines that go “vroom” I assumed that there was some type of special care that should be exercised when handling this stuff and so I figured I should read the label to find out.

Well, not only did I find out how and where this product should be stored but I also found out a few other things, like how stupid humans can really be. On the label there were the standard warnings that one expects to see such as the little skull guy and the flames, both of which indicate to me that this is a potentially dangerous product.
Now before I tell you exactly what the other thing was that I found let me point out something. The written warnings that they put on these products, or any product for that matter, generally come about due to an incident or repeated incidents of something bad happening. It is the duty of the company and/ or manufacturer to make the public aware of these hazards...y'know, so they don’t get sued. It’s the reason they put warnings on plastic bags telling you that “This bag is not a toy” and “Keep bag away from children” and so on and so forth because someone’s child suffocated after putting a bag over their head. Hence the warning.
So, with such innocuous items such as plastic bags bearing warning signs it would seem logical that a product like motor oil would have some type of written warning, and indeed it did. Aside from the little skull guy and the flames it also bore this written warning: “Keep product away from children. Do not drink.”

Things that make you go “Hmmmm”.

So basically what this warning tells me is that after some poor adult tried exhaustingly to keep this product away from their child they felt parched. And what better way to quench that thirst than with a nice refreshing bottle of motor oil?

So this week-end, dear reader, if you happen to be out and about doing chores, tidying up or just exerting yourself in general (and how you choose to do that is none of my business) when that insatiable thirst sets in do yourself a favour, grab a bottle of water, juice or beer instead of motor oil. Have a great and well hydrated week-end!


Jennifer Rose said...

One of my favorite found on glass cleaner..."Do not spray in eyes"
No really? Thanks for the warning. ;)

Rita said...

Holy jeez...I wondered why I was having vision problems. I guess Windex won't clear that up, eh?

Man, I had to laugh out loud at that one, thanks! :D

Meg said...

Warnings can be hilarious. My favorite so far is a sign showing a baby flying into a dumpster with the red slash through it. Apparently people aren't aware of the fact that children should not be thrown in the trash.

Rita said...

Now a "Do not dispose of your baby here" sign I've never seen...but if I did I'd take a picture of it because that's one of the most bizarre ones I've heard of so far.
Kind of makes you wonder how the human species has managed to last this long....