Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Give Something Back

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Today’s post is going to be a bit more serious than usual which means that it will adopt only a remote tone of seriousness because, as you may have noticed, I’m a bit of a nonsensical person. It still has to do with art and, in fact, the upcoming event I’m involved in this week-end. As you may have gleaned by the amount of animal artwork I do, I am a fanatical animal lover. After all, who would rescue a mangy orange long-haired cat, build it a little home furnished with blankets, stuff it with food and name it Onion? Me, that’s who, and I suspect any other animal lover would do the same thing (although they might have picked another name for her).

This week-end I will be part of the “Strut for Strays” which is a yearly event held at Victoria Park in Belleville. The event is to help bring attention to and support the organization Fixed Fur Life that operates independently of the Humane Societies and is involved in rescuing abandoned animals, spaying/ neutering and finding good homes for them. People that work and volunteer with organizations like this work extremely hard and are subject to seeing the worst of the worst when it comes to rescue situations. Sometimes the animals don’t make it but, fortunately, there are many that do and are ultimately placed in loving homes. Events like this are meant to make the public more aware of animal control issues, hopefully get support (both in the form of monetary donations and donations of beds, collars, etc) and to let them see and meet the folks that do this day in and day out.

So, with all that in mind if you happen to be a crazy animal lover like myself please do something to help out these types of organizations. Even if you can’t volunteer your time there are lots of other ways you can help by donating money, bedding, food/ water bowls, treats, collars, kennels, flea treatments, cat and/ or dog food and so on. Encourage people to spay and neuter their pets (I do this every chance I get...I’m great at dinner parties) and make people aware that rescuing a pet is a viable option to purchasing one from a breeder, or heaven forbid, a pet store. Animals selflessly give us so much in terms of love and companionship, the least we can do is give something back to them by showing that we care.


Meg said...

Awesome! I volunteer too. If you think you can use it to help the animals in any way (printouts, merchandise), feel free to use my "adopt" cat logo:

(I'm trying to pitch the idea to rescues!)

Rita said...

Thanks Meg, I love the logo you did!

People always think I'm kooky for volunteering for things like this and not getting paid $$'s, but they don't realize that I do get other ways! :D

leslie said...

I just stopped over from Fuzzy Dragons, and am very pleased to meet another spay and neuter advocate. I, too, am a 'fun' dinner party guest!
I blog for my dog, ( yes, I do ) and have links on that blog to another few dog and cat blogs that are fun and sweet. You might enjoy them.
I love "Incoming" of the Jack Russell. What a dear, determined face!

Rita said...

Thanks Leslie, and good for you for being another spay/ neuter advocate! Every time another person can encourage a pet owner to fix their pet there's at least one less animal that winds up in a shelter. I think it's important to make people aware of the problem, because it is a very serious one.
I'll be sure to check out your dog's blog, I'm sure it's a hoot! ;)