Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Cows, raisins n' cookies

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Copyright Rita Woodburne

I have to admit, dear reader, that I’m not really sure what to post about today because I’ve basically been running myself silly with doing art, giving the dog a bath (she was getting pretty ripe), gardening, finishing up the outdoor sign for my Studio and getting ready for my first show of the season which takes place next week-end.
It’s funny how all of the sudden when a particular event gets closer you realize how unorganized you are...or at least that’s the way it works with me. Do I have enough business cards? How will I arrange my art displays? Should I bring one table or two? Do I have flyers for upcoming events that I can give to people? What’s the weather forecast and how many times will it change between now and the actual event? What if I forget to put on pants? Why do I really not like raisins? Was that a cow that just wandered past the front yard? Yes, all this and more is swirling around my over-crowded brain.

So, at the risk of my head spontaneously combusting as I sit here I will get back to those things that must get done and rest assured that I’ll be back tomorrow with, you guessed it, another post about gardening. It’s also the Other Half’s birthday today so I’m trying to get the house tidied up and get some cookies baked for him because even of you don’t like cookies just about everyone likes coming home to a house that smells like cookies. Until tomorrow!


Susan Borgas said...

Rita all the very best for your show. wouldn't it be grand to have someone else do all the worrying about what is and is not done knowing it will be done in the end. Gone are the days when the majority of artists were artist only. We are now business people as well if we want to make our mark on the art world, while we are alive ;)

Lisa B. said...

Wednesdays must be doggie bath day. Our little stink muffin got one yesterday, too.

Have you got a spare bushel basket? As you think of them, toss those worrisome show items in it- business cards, flyers, water bottle, pair of pants, etc. That way they'll all be centrally located and ready to go when you are.

Regula Scheifele said...

Good luck on your show Rita! - I'm sure everything will turn out great, so stop worrying.
But,... one question... you really don't like cookies????
take care,

Rita said...

Susan- I would like it if someone would just take care of all those little details for me. Luckily the Other Half is very understanding and he always helps me out. He says that he's my assistant...soon he'll be looking for a paycheque! :)

Lisa- Good idea about the basket! I'll have to make up a list and then put everythining the bin (no more searching for stuff).

Regula- Oh my goodness no! I love cookies...except ones with raisins...but I can be forced to eat them if I have to. ;)