Friday, April 06, 2007

Making Mashed Potatoes And Other High-Risk Activities

"In The Moment" 8x10, coloured pencil on Colourfix- Work In Progress
Copyright Rita Woodburne

It occurred to me the other day that life is fraught with danger, and quite often that danger comes to us at the most unexpected times and in the most unexpected places. After all, it's said that many serious accidents occur in and around the home. This became apparent the other night while I was making dinner which consisted of a roast chicken, salad and mashed potatoes. By that menu one could assume that the salad doesn't pose a threat and that the mashed potatoes are relatively benign as well. Surely a roast chicken poses the most danger. Why there's the potential to consume a cooked chicken bone, or maybe contract salmonella? What about the potential to injure yourself while cutting the chicken? Surely the dangers of getting splattered with hot liquid while basting haven't eluded you either? Yes, it's the chicken that is clearly the most dangerous, right? In this case it wasn't so.
After preparing and placing the chicken in the oven I began the mundane task of peeling potatoes. While I was doing this the Other Half came into the kitchen to keep me company and we began chatting. Normally our conversations are, by all accounts, pretty uneventful. However, from time to time they can get pretty animated as well depending on factors such as the weather, how the day went overall and whether there's a full moon or not. This conversation turned out to be an animated one as we discussed the horses (who were acting pretty silly as a result of Spring's arrival) and then about watching UFC on Spike TV. As I gradually became more interested in the conversation and less in the task at hand my co-ordination failed me and the unthinkable happened...I missed the potato and got my finger instead. I stopped mid-sentence and all the Other Half could say was: "Did you just do what I think you did?"
Me: (staring in disbelief) "Um...yup."
Him: "I don't think we should eat those potatoes."

Fortunately it was my middle-finger that I sliced so I held it up to know, to show him the damage.

I managed to regain my composure and tend to my wound before finishing dinner, and you'll be happy to know that I didn't require hospitalization or amputation and that we did wind up eating the potatoes. They were tasty.

What I have I learned from this? I now know that a vegetable peeler, when used improperly, can result in injury. I've also learned that dinner conversation should be reserved for after the dinner has been prepared.

Happy Easter!


Lisa B. said...

Ouch! I have a cheese grater that bites back, so I know how you feel.

My husband gets a good laugh when I fry bacon because I wear his safety goggles to keep it from splattering in my eyes. If he keeps leaving the cupboard doors open, I'm going to start wearing his hard hat in there, too. Come to think of it, his tool belt looks like it could hold some tongs, a few spoons, and a couple of spatulas...

Rita said...

Lisa, I've often threatened to use the Other Half's tool belt as a cooking utencil holder. I mean really, they're just so handy!
That's a good idea about the safety goggles...and the hard hat isn't a bad idea as well. See? Cooking can be an extreme sport...