Wednesday, April 25, 2007

In Need of Guidance

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Copyright Rita Woodburne

Wednesday already? I always thought that when people said ‘as you get older the years go by faster’ that they were either lying or completely off their rocker, if ya’ know what I mean. Alas, I was wrong and they were not.

So today is another short post. I had a busy day of working on art, planting veggies and supervising the horses getting their ‘pedicures’ as I like to call it. They were good...for the most part, but they don’t seem to enjoy the whole pedicure process as much as humans. Maybe it has something to do with it involving a knife and what looks like a giant nail file. Not really my idea of a good time either, but when you slip them some Scotch mints for their trouble it’s funny how quickly all is forgiven.

So tonight, dear reader, the question is this: After a day of hard work, how does one indulge oneself? By watching mind-numbing television, of course! Alas, within that seemingly simple and obvious answer now lies another question: Do I watch my beloved America’s Next Top Model or do I watch an episode of American Idol that tonight will actually be featuring musicians with talent...oh, and Celine Dion. Such a dilemma, whatever will I do?

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