Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Hope I'm Working Monday Through Sunday

"In The Moment"- 8x10, coloured pencil on Colourfix.
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Hello dear reader. I was going to do my gardening post today but I have top secret information I must share with you...we can attend to gardening matters tomorrow.

I should preface this post by mentioning an odd thing that happens between myself and folks I know and folks I've just met. Apparently people meet me and think to themselves: "Hey, now here's someone I can tell my deepest secrets to." This phenomenon has caused me to be privy to some very touching stories, much needed venting, unexpected bonding with others and rather humerous anecdotes.
Although I've become used to people sharing rather private information with me (all of which will remain private) I still find it interesting when someone whom I've known for a whole of 20 seconds decides to share top secret information with me. It's on that note that my tale begins...

It started in the grocery store yesterday when I walked in to pick up some ice cream and Tostitos (not to eat together, unless it had been Neopolitan ice cream). I picked up my little basket and decided to peruse the produce section to find some over-priced fruit to put on my ice cream. While I was perusing the cantaloupes and blueberries I noticed a rather handsome looking fellow. I looked at him, thought to myself: "He's hot" and then I went back to looking for my fruit.
Now before you hyper-monogamous people attack me with a chastity belt let me point out that the Other Half and I aren't married (not that it matters anyway) and also that it's simply in human nature to look at another human being and if they happen to be good looking to think so. Humans are not dissimilar to art, when it's attractive you look, when it's ugly you make a face and wonder what went wrong.
At any rate, I went and got my ice cream and Tostitos and proceeded to the check-out and wouldn't you know it, the attractive fellow was just finishing checking out. I placed my things on the conveyor belt thingy and started rummaging through my bag for my wallet. As I got to the cashier she was giggling and another cashier came up to her and said something at which point she laughed out loud. I began to wonder if I had something on my face or in my hair.
She looked at me, still laughing, and I smiled and then she said "I'm very sorry." I said "Okey dokey" and looked at her quizzically. It was at this point that the Top Secret info was divulged to me.
She told me that the cashiers at this store had a code for when hot guys are going through the check-out, you know, so they can all look. In her case she was the one ringing the fellow through so she turned to the gal at the other register and said: "I'm working Monday through Thursday." At this point the other cashier looked up and had her visual perk for the day. As the guy is leaving, she proceeded to tell me, the other cashier will watch as he leaves and to confirm that the *ahem* back is as nice as the front she'll say "I'm working Friday through Sunday." Apparently the cashier that came up to her as I was being rung through informed her that she was indeed working "Friday through Sunday". In her giddiness she said that she was surprised she was sharing this with a customer. All I could say, between laughing, was "I'm used to it."

To be honest I was not only extremely amused by this but surprised that a communication system had been set up to alert the cashiers of attractive customers. The complex microcosm community that is the grocery store will never cease to amaze me.

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