Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Can It Be True?

"Macro Dandelion #2"- 4x6" coloured pencil on Strathmore
Copyright Rita Woodburne

Today is the day, dear reader, that Winter left Southern Ontario for good. Small blips aside, the warmer weather and sunshine is here and soon, in true Canadian fashion, we'll be complaining about blackflies, mosquitoes and that "'s not the heat, it's the humidity."

So this morning I was listening to the 'Impossible Trivia' game and once again it struck me that the trouble our species is capable of getting into will never cease to amaze me. The question for today was: "There are 12,000 accidents per year in North America involving these..."
There were many answers that ranged from the plausible such as stoves, farm equipment, bicycles and pools to the not so obvious answers that included trees, bears and microwaves.
The answer to this pressing question was, in fact, revolving doors. This is still somewhat beyond my comprehension but in thinking about it I realized that the only place in that I had recently seen, or used this mind-bogglingly complex human invention, was at the hospital. How ironic.

As a final thought, what was a bit more disturbing during this particular edition of Impossible Trivia was one woman who called up and offered up the answer of "photocopiers". I'm still trying to imagine how such an accident would unfold...

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