Friday, April 27, 2007

But I Thought It Was A Poodle

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Today I was going to talk about the increasing laziness of North American society but instead I found something much funnier to talk about.

It would seem that some folks over in Japan are not getting their money’s worth when it comes to buying a dog over the internet (not a good idea anyway by any stretch of the imagination). Perhaps, dear reader, you’re familiar with the ongoing, and highly irrational, trend of using dogs as accessories. Feeling hot and spicy? A Chihuahua will complete your look nicely. Feeling proud and prissy? Why not get yourself a tea cup poodle to let the world know that you’re high-maintenance? Want to show off some skin? Heck, you can’t go wrong with a Mexican hairless.
Over in Japan the uber- stylish crowd were told there was a new poodle cross breed that was the new ‘must-have’ pooch to complete your look. Thousands of people bought into it and filled out their online form to get their hands on this dog, lest they fall behind the trends.
The scam unravelled when an un-named Japanese actress got her “dog” and noticed that not only was it not eating it’s dog food but it also wasn’t barking, and anyone that’s ever owned any poodle smaller than a standard knows that one of their favourite past-times is barking. Some crack investigation was done only to reveal that this new dog breed wasn’t a dog at all, but rather an extremely well coiffed lamb. I kid you not. No word yet on whether these folks have gotten their money back.

For more head-scratching news, surely by now anyone that keeps up with Hollywood tom-foolery knows that Hugh Grant was arrested for attacking a paparazzi while he was out jogging. Where it gets a little weird is that apparently in the midst of this attack Mr. Grant hurled a container of baked beans at the unsuspecting photographer. I can just imagine the police broadcast that was put out to go and apprehend good ol’ Hugh: “Suspect is armed and possibly flatulent.”
While attacking people is frowned upon and why he even bothered going after this paparazzi in the first place is pretty vague, there was another question that popped into my head: Who goes jogging with a side of baked beans?

That, dear reader, concludes this week, back on Monday!


Jennifer said...

I laughed when I read an article about the lamb/dogs. How people didn't know it was a lamb at first I have no idea.

And I could rant and rant about people spending money on dogs that are just show pieces and are usually genetically unfit, or runts of the litter but people spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on them. tea cup poodles don't exists people .....

Sorry it bugs me when people use dogs as show pieces... and now that I ranted....I apologize.

Rita said...

Please, rant away, It's a huge pet peeve of mine as well. I guess that's why people voted Paris Hilton as the world's worst pet owner.

My favorite non-existent canine cross that I saw once was a Jack-a-poo. I just laughed when I saw someone actually spend $800 on one of these hybrid monstrosities: "Look honey, we now own our very own Jack-a-poo!".

When will people learn...