Monday, March 12, 2007

Fun in the Sun

"They Call Him The Wanderer" ACEO can be bid on here.

Welcome back dear reader and hopefully you're enjoying the March Break... muddy, warm weather and all.
While many students across North America will be spending this week relaxing and slacking off in general, us adults (and for me I use the term loosely) will still be chugging away at our daily tasks. I think at this time of year when the weather flip flops between promising and "What the bejeezus was I thinking living in a Northern climate" these tasks can be done with great zest or teeter on the brink of being unbearable.

I'll spare you the gritty details but suffice to say that when you live on a farm with horses there's a lot of *ahem* poop scooping to be done in Spring...a lot. Now I spent a good portion of yesterday doing said clean-up and I did it quite happily. The sun was shining, it was warm and a great amount of snow was melting, a sure reminder that the warm weather is creeping up fast. I was happy cleaning up mounds of horse buns.
Today, while still warm, is cloudy and not quite as optimistic feeling as yesterday was. What's more, because there's no sun today the snow isn't melting as fast which can be discouraging. The daffodils are starting to peek through the soil of one of my flower beds out front but it's not enough. Do you hear me Mother Nature? Not enough!

I'm usually not this insistent on kissing Winter good-bye but at this point I've had it. I don't want to see dirty snow, I don't want things to freeze over, I don't want a cold wind blowing. I want to shovel horse doodles in the sun. Is that really so much to ask?

Now that I've gotten that out of my system just a quick note that I'll be updating again tomorrow with a small WIP of an ACEO (Bill was kind enough to model for me again) for anyone that's interested. I don't often post my WIP's so it should be nice change of pace and I had a lot of fun doing this one, more experimentation with colour. Until tomorrow!

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